Pickleball During Covid-19: When Can We ...

Why is pickleball restricted to outside singles only?   Who makes these decisions?  When can we play doubles outside?  How about playing inside? 


Start with the table below, copied from the State of California website.    

Our county is in the Purple Tier.   The State has decided that counties in Purple can play outside pickleball singles only.    Regardless of whether we agree with or understand the rationale behind this decision, the State sets the guidelines.    

The State will permit outside pickleball doubles when the County enters the Red Tier.  However, the County has the option to maintain restrictions rather than loosen them.   If the County decides to allow outside pickleball doubles in the Red Tier, GRF has the option to maintain restrictions rather than follow the County's decision to loosen them.    If GRF permits the loosening of restrictions, then we can play doubles outside.  

Please note that the State will allow indoor pickleball singles in the Orange Tier, and indoor pickleball doubles in the Yellow Tier.  But, again, both the County and GRF will need to concur.