Club Frequently Asked Questions

How many members are currently in the club?

As of July 2018, the club had 417 members.

How can I get the court schedules?

Click these links for the schedules for the indoor and outdoor courts.

When and how should I buy a paddle?

Loaner paddles are available at both the indoor and outdoor courts. The club recommends that beginners play with different loaner paddles for a while to determine paddle preferences (style, grip size). Paddles can be purchased from different vendors, sporting goods stores, or online.

How do I sign up for novice mentoring?

When you attend a novice play time there will often be a mentor there to help you. The mentor schedule is posted on court bulletin boards and on this site for the indoor and outdoor courts.

What should I wear?

Be comfortable, wearing clothing that gives you freedom of movement. Do not wear pants that are too long and might present a tripping hazard. When playing outdoors bring a hat, sunglasses, and wear sunscreen.

Does the club provide water?

No. Please bring your own water bottle and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

When do I renew my membership?

Annual membership renewal starts in November. You will be notified by email, on this webiste, and in the Rossmoor News.

What are the best ways to keep informed about club activities?

Join the club. You will be automatically subscribed to our club newsletters (or check this website regularly). Be sure to read the club emails so you do not miss meeting times, signing up for skills clinics or club social events. The Rossmoor News and bulletin boards at the indoor and outdoor courts are other ways to keep informed.

How can I network within the club or find out who’s playing when?

Give your email or phone number to the people you play with regularly. Members often email or text each other about when and where to play.

If I have a concern about a pickleball related issue, who do I contact?

Depending upon the nature of the issue, you can email us or discuss it with a mentor or a board member.

Can I invite non-resident friends and family to play pickleball?

Yes, but guests can play only during Open Play indicated on the schedules. You must stay with the non-resident guest at all times

What volunteer opportunities are available through the Rossmoor Pickleball Club?

Mentoring, the social committee, event and tournament set-up, club board positions

What are the club’s social events?

Summer BBQ, social tournaments, courtside get togethers, post-holiday party. Click here for additional information.

How do I find out about local tournaments?

The club will send announcements for some tournaments. For a complete list of scheduled tournaments in California and out-of-state, click here.

What are the future plans of the Rossmoor Pickleball Club?

The club’s Pickleball Facilities Committee (PFC) is working on future plans for the club. You will receive updates by email and on this site.

How many directors are on the board?

There are five directors.

When are the Pickleball Club board meetings?

The club’s Board of Directors meets quarterly unless additional meetings are needed. When held, meetings are usually on the last Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm, in Multi-Use Room 3, Gateway. Scheduled meetings are posted on this site. You will receive meeting announcements by email.

What is the history of the Club?

Read about it here.

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