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RPC Civility Pledge

We recognize that a commitment to civility is a vital part of the pride we share in our vibrant Rossmoor community.  We want Rossmoor to remain a premier and desirable community for years to come.

The Rossmoor Pickleball Club can build upon our community’s firm foundations to become a respected model of civility towards each other as well as towards other Rossmoor residents and Golden Rain Foundation employees.


As stated in the USA Pickleball’s Sportsmanship Guide, we support good sportsmanship that includes respect, fair play, and graciousness in winning and losing.

We believe that the principles of civil behavior enhance the enjoyment of playing pickleball and bind our pickleball community.

We expect each member to be accountable for his or her own actions and words.

We believe that all interactions in our community should be civil despite any difference of opinion on a particular issue.


We pledge to respect all points of view and will strive to provide a reasonable opportunity for all to express their views openly without attacks.

We value honesty and good will while focusing on issues and problem-solving.

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