Pickleball Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for novice mentoring?

When you attend a novice play time there will often be a mentor there to help you. The mentor schedule is posted on court bulletin boards and on this site for the indoor and outdoor courts.

How do I know when I should move up a level?

Changing levels is recommended when you are winning most of your games or a mentor says you have the skills to move up.

What is the general advice for starting at a new level?

Introduce yourself to the people playing at that level and let them know you want to see how the play goes. Give yourself about a month to adjust to the new level of play. If you feel you aren’t ready to advance at that time, you can always step back.

How do I get more more personalized training?

Novice players get instruction from the mentors at most novice play times. If you want more training, mention that to a mentor. The club offers various skill workshops throughout the year and private lessons are available outside of Rossmoor.

What if I don’t agree with the call made by our opponent?

Out of courtesy only the receiving team should make line calls. If those two players disagree about a call, the ball is declared ‘in’.

Is it okay to tell players they have made an error such as an illegal serve or stepping on the kitchen line?

You should know what an illegal serve is, but we are a social club and more relaxed about illegal serves unless it is a gross error. It is appropriate to let an opposing player know when they step in the kitchen during a volley.

If we’re in the middle of a game and the next level’s time slot has begun and they arrive to play, should we stop playing?


What if I don’t want to play with the person next in line?

No worries. Don’t play and wait for the next game.

What do I do if our ball rolls onto another court?

When a ball rolls onto a court, for safety reasons immediately call out, “Ball on court”. The player who retrieves the ball will look around to determine who gets the stray ball.

How can I protect myself against injury?

Wear shoes designed for the type of court you play on (indoor gym floor vs. outdoor hard surface). Be careful of the position of your wrist when hitting the ball. Do not play through pain.

What's the history of Pickleball?

You can read about it here.