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A Rossmoor resident started the Rossmoor Pickleball Club (RPC) in 2009. At that time, the club included non-Rossmoor resident members and six resident members. In 2014 and in accordance with Golden Rain Foundation rules, the club became a residents-only club with 79 members. By the end of 2014, membership had grown to 156 members. Club members played on the three courts in the Sierra Room of the former Fitness Center.


The RPC has grown at a rapid pace each year. Below, are the membership figures and growth rates from 2014-2018.










As of August 6, 2018, RPC has 419 members. Since becoming a residents-only club in early 2014, the RPC has grown 417% in four years.


Programs Added as RPC Grew


As the RPC grew it expanded the free services available to its members. The programs listed below are organized and conducted by volunteer RPC club members.


Orientation Clinics


Beginning in the summer of 2015, the RPC started offering free orientation clinics to Rossmoor residents interested in trying pickleball and learning more about the sport. Since that first clinic, the club has offered approximately one orientation clinic every two months. During the past 37 months, 21 free orientation clinics have been given with 496 residents attending.


New Member Program


To further assist new players, the club holds free new member meetings to introduce new members to the sport of pickleball, the Pickleball Club Board of Directors, the trainers, the mentor program, the structure of the club, and many other facets of the RPC. The new member meetings allow new members to have their questions answered in a relaxed, open forum format.


Mentor Program


New members often begin pickleball at the novice level. The RPC schedules for the Tice Creek Fitness Center and the Creekside Courts have hours each day designated for the novice players. At each novice session, volunteer mentors work with the novice players to develop their game and their skills. Instruction is given in a polite and positive way in order to enhance the enjoyment of learning the sport. The RPC currently has 12 mentors.


Assessments and Skills Clinics


The club offers free assessments and skills clinics for members interested in increasing their performance. The assessments are voluntary and allow a member to become aware of what they need to work on most. A member can request an assessment at any time. The skills clinics focus on different aspects of the game, whether it be the whole game or specific skills and techniques. Skills assessments are given periodically throughout the year. Both assessments and skills clinics are run by volunteer advanced level club members.

*Through June 2018

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