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Annual Meeting Is Wednesday, 10/30

Date: 10/30/19

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Stanley Dollar Clubhouse

The Rossmoor Pickleball Club will hold its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, October 30, at Noon at the Stanley Dollar Clubhouse. Club members are encouraged to attend this important meeting.

At the meeting club members will have an opportunity to meet the Board candidates and vote for their 2020 Board of Directors by an anonymous ballot. In addition, club members will vote to ratify proposed changes to club bylaws and hear an update about the club from club President, Dale Reynolds. The proposed bylaws can be found here.

Any member seeking election, but not nominated by the Nominating Committee must submit a petition to the Club president seven days prior to the elections. The petition must have the signatures of at least ten club members. After the signatures are verified, that member will then be considered nominated for the Board of Directors and their name will be added to the ballot.

Light refreshments will be served.


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